👉 Let’s admit it dads - we’re not always great at coming up with plans for the weekends

Waking up on a Saturday and trying to find something to do with the kids can feel quite uninspiring and usually you end up doing your regular things.


Your kids are full of energy and you don’t have any plans for the weekend (or home from schools)

That's a situation most dads have found themselves in and you usually end up in letting the kids watch Peppa Pig or going to your regular playground.

Why not do something fun outside instead?

Go on a Tiny Quest

And don't forget to share your quests with the community!

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Complete Quests and collect points

It's really fun to go on Tiny Quests together with your kids, the kids get really excited when you collect points while exploring new places and doing fun things.


Keep track of your quests

When you complete a quest you can add comment and upload an image of when you completed the quest.

Look back at your quests and use your quest logbook to plan your future quests.

What dads are saying

Parts of the video is in Swedish but there are subtitles!

What are you waiting for?

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